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Terms &

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for ordering a tour with The Bulldog Boat. Please note that the following terms and conditions apply:

  • All tours and additional services related to The Bulldog Boats are provided by Elektrohaven;
  • For all correspondence related to your booking, please contact Elektrohaven at the coordinates provided below.

  • Please make sure you are on time! All boats are tightly booked so every minute you’re late, will come out of your own tour time!

  • Keep your hands and feet in the boat at all times!
  • Remain seated at all times and watch your head while passing bridges!
  • Listen to instructions and commands of the skipper at all times!

  • We appreciate all our guests as long as they behave themselves in respect of our city, its citizens and the Bulldog brand;
  • We don’t appreciate people who are clearly too drunk, too stoned or apparently intoxicated by any other legal or illegal substance;
  • We love to host stag parties but we don’t appreciate pink bunny or penis suits;
  • We don’t allow lewd behavior like dropped pants, loud singing, whistling or shouting at girls on the street;
  • We don’t host strip acts (male or female);
  • Any person or group that is in clear violation with any of the above may be refused access to the boat, such at the discretion of the skipper;
  • Any abuse of any hard drugs during the tour – detected in fact or apparent by behavior or demeanor – will lead to immediate removal of you and / or your group with the possible declaration of a criminal offense with the Amsterdam police.

  • Smoking is allowed on all boats but only tobacco and cannabis products as purchased in any legal Dutch coffeeshop;
  • No hard drugs allowed!

  • Restitution of any electronically payed deposits or payments will follow automatically if any boat drops out due to rain or technical problems;
  • Cash payments in those events can only be restituted at the same location where the ticket(s) was (were) bought;
  • No restitution of any deposit or payment will follow in case of a no show or late arrival;
  • No restitution of any deposit or payment in any case of failure to comply with the attendance, safety or conduct regulations;
  • Single tickets may be used on a later tour if you were late but only on the same day and only if there are seats available on any later tour.

  • Anyone ordering a single ticket or group arrangement explicitly acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions and indemnifies Elektrohaven and The Bulldog from any damages resulting from entering into this agreement.